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Ant Design Next.JS Theme

Admin dashboard template containing a set of high quality components & demos for building rich, interactive user interfaces built using Next.js, Ant design, Redux.

Also available in other frameworks :
Version v 1.0.0
Last Modified February 18, 2020
Total Sales 0
Layout Fluid, Responsive
Browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Categories Admin, Multi Pages

Template Features

  • Admin template built with React, Next.js and Ant Design
  • RTL Support
  • i18
  • Server-side Rendering
  • Static Exporting
  • SEO Ready
  • Fully responsive and works across all modern/supported browsers
  • Fully Extensible & production ready


  • Dashboard
  • Layout
  • Form
  • Navigation
  • Components
  • Calendar
  • Data Display
  • Charts
  • Table
  • Language Switcher
Ant Design Next.JS Theme

Interactive Widgets

  • Sales Report
  • To-do Tasks
  • Progress Report
  • Timeline
Ant Design Next.JS Theme


Ant Design NextJS