Become an Author

Becoming an author

Becoming an author is free : Becoming an author and putting your items up on the StrapUI is free but there is a review process before your items go live. There are a few things you promise in exchange for the right to be an author, which are outlined in these Author Terms.

  1. The items you upload for sale must be your own creation. Do not submit works based on tutorials or other people's designs.
  2. You must have the rights to license the items you upload, either because they are your own original content, or because you have a license that grants you permission to resell any third-party assets included with your item.
  3. If you believe that anyone on StrapUI has copied one of your items or is otherwise infringing upon intellectual property rights, please report this behaviour to Support Team.
  4. Do not buy your own items or engage in other conduct with the intention of defrauding StrapUI or other authors.

How selling your items work?

  1. What you're providing:
    1. License:

      When you ‘sell’ an item, you’re making your item available to buyers and downloaders to use that item under certain conditions; you’re not actually selling the item itself. What you’re selling includes a license directly to the buyer or downloader to use that item under the relevant license options that we set.
    2. For the different types of licenses and detail about what rights you are licensing see our licensing page. Take a moment to understand how your work will be licensed!
    3. Item support:

      Providing support for your item for 6 months next to date of purchase is a must. This includes queries regarding installation and features included
    4. Item updates:

      Providing updates for your item for 6 months next to date of purchase is a must. Minimum is updated version of StrapUI and other dependencies.
  2. The pricing for an item on StrapUI involves:
    1. Base price:

      The item price is made up of a license fee (for the license chosen for the item), and if relevant the item support fee (for supported items).
    2. Handling fee:

      The transaction fee that PayPal and Stripe deducts on every transaction. This will be 3.1% of the Base Price.
    3. List Price:

      The price shown to the users on the item page. This will be the sum of Base Price and Handling Fee.
    4. Taxes:

      In some transactions, taxes may apply.
  3. Exclusivity:

    The item to be sold on StrapUI must be exclusive i.e. you cannot sell the item anywhere else.
  4. Framework:

    The item must be built upon StrapUI.
  5. Your earnings; author fee:

    You will obtain flat 70% of your item’s list price for every sale.
  6. Setting the prices of items:

    The item’s price is set after a discussion between the author and StrapUI. It will more or less be around the price of other items in the same category. The price will also depend upon whether support is provided by the author or not.
  7. Review:

    When you think you’ve created an item suitable for StrapUI, you can submit that item to us to check the quality. We have rules about what we accept and don’t accept and you can read up on these on the top of this page. Although we always like to provide constructive feedback we’re not obliged to give you any reasons for rejecting your item. We have the final say on whether items are accepted for StrapUI.

How do payments of earnings work?

These sections explain how earning an income works on the StrapUI and important information about payments to your account, and withdrawals and deductions from your account. Take a close look!

Earnings payment:

  1. Your earnings will be dynamically reflected in your StrapUI author account.
  2. Thresholds:

    We’ll make payments of your earnings based on the certain minimum threshold amount of $500. However, if you've decided to close your vendor account, we will pay you the amount added to your Cleared Balance i.e. the withdrawable amount regardless of the minimum threshold.
  3. Earnings payment timing and methods:

    1. The payment of a particular sale will be held for 30 days post that sale. This is to make sure that the payment is completely received by us, in case a chargeback or a refund claim or an unauthorized transaction (which we don’t control) is made.
      The held payment will be termed as ‘Uncleared Balance’ and the withdrawable amount will be termed as ‘Cleared Balance’.
    2. You can withdraw money from your StrapUI account at any time you like. Standard transaction charges may apply.
    3. You must provide us with the correct details and payment method when you request your earnings.
  4. Potential deductions:

    1. Payment methods available for buyers to buy your items involve payment agents that have their own standard terms and conditions regarding refunds, chargebacks, fees and unauthorised transactions (which we don’t control). If a StrapUI transaction on an item is subject to payment agents’ refunds, chargeback, fees or unauthorised transactions, we may automatically deduct those amounts from your StrapUI account.
    2. You or we may also decide to issue a credit or refund to a buyer in certain circumstances involving issues with your item outlined in the StrapUI FAQs, or transactions that may be reversed for other reasons. If that happens, we reserve the right to deduct from your StrapUI account any amount that would otherwise be payable to you.
  5. Payment errors:

    We will continue to hold your earnings if we’re not able to pay your earnings to you for whatever reason, including if:
    1. We do not have the correct payment details;
    2. We can’t contact you using the contact details that you have supplied;
    3. You have not made a request for payment; or
    4. You are asking for payment to be made to a person, an institution or a country that we’re legally prohibited from making payments to, or where there are limitations in the banking systems.
  6. Currency conversions:

    Whenever we make a payment to you as an author, you are responsible for all costs of converting the amount of the payment from US dollars into your preferred currency. Your financial institution does the currency conversion and may charge you additional fees (we don’t control either the conversion rates or your financial institution’s fees).
  7. Holding earnings:

    If we decide that an item of yours does not comply with an applicable law or any of our rules or guidelines, we can at our discretion disable the item or your membership. We may also hold any earnings on that item for up to two years, and may release those held earnings during that period if we are satisfied that any dispute or issue about your item has been resolved.
  8. Buyers’ use of your item:

    We are not liable for any loss suffered by you as a result of a buyer or any other person making use of your item contrary to the StrapUI Terms or the item’s license.
  9. Our use of your item:

    We may use the whole or part of your items to promote NativeBase. This promotional use may include use in public relations, emails, on a features page, or on other sites (e.g. social networks). No compensation is payable for these uses.
  10. Item removal:

    We have the right to remove an item for any reason, using our reasonable discretion. For example, we may review the libraries to keep the StrapUI fresh and full of quality items that meet the latest technical standards and market trends. Also, issues about an item might be brought to our attention such as errors, representations, or even violations. Our goal is always to address these situations with you constructively. We also aim to give you notice before an item is removed, but this is not always feasible or possible, so we can’t guarantee this. We will not be responsible for any loss that you may suffer as a result of your item being removed.
    If you decide to remove your item from StrapUI,


    The item has 0 sales - The item will be removed simply and quickly.


    The item has 1 or greater number of sales - Your item will be put as non-buyable. You are bound to provide the promised 6 months of support and updates to all existing customers. Your funds corresponding to that item will be held for those 6 months period.
    The minimum threshold amount of withdrawal remains $500. However, if you've decided to close your vendor account, we will pay you the amount added to your 'Cleared Balance' regardless of the minimum threshold.
    You can however add the item to other marketplaces immediately after put to non-buyable state on StrapUI.

Personal information of members

  1. In order to facilitate a transaction on StrapUI, we may provide you with relevant buyer information and also may provide buyers with your relevant information (for example for invoicing or item support services). You agree that you will keep buyer information confidential and only use this information for that StrapUI transaction.
  2. If, over and above what StrapUI provides you with, a member voluntarily provides you with (or your item accesses or uses) usernames, passwords or other personal information of the member (personal information), you must:
    1. Provide a privacy notice, making the member aware of their personal information that you will receive and how you will handle that information;
    2. Obtain the member’s permission to use their personal information;
    3. Use the personal information only for the limited purposes for which the member gave permission; and
    4. Meet any privacy and spam law requirements that apply to you.
    For an idea about how we deal with user information see our Privacy Policy.

Special arrangements

Special deals and promotions

  1. Sometimes we might negotiate volume sales or other arrangements with buyers as part of creating business development opportunities for authors (special deals). In order for us to make this possible you give us permission to negotiate special deals. We might also offer pricing promotions to StrapUI buyers. In some cases, if pricing promotions involve a change in the author fee or licensing terms, then it is a special promotion and the following sections are relevant.
  2. Before your item is included in a special deal or special promotion, we’ll provide you with information about the special deal or special promotion, item pricing and author fee. You can opt out of participating in a special deal or special promotion if the deal involves a change to the author fee. We will let you know the time frame to opt out, and if you don’t do so, your item will be included in the special deal or special promotion.
You will always have the option of opting out of any special deal or special promotion if it involves a change to the author fee. We decide the other details like pricing.

Legal housekeeping

  1. Relationship between us and you:

    Nothing in these terms is to be construed as constituting a partnership, joint venture, employment or agency relationship between you and us. Neither you nor us can act on behalf of the other in any way.

**We reserve the right to modify our terms and conditions in future.

Go ahead and author!

We’re very glad you’ve made it to the end of this important document. You can head over and fill this quick form to initiate the process. We wish you all the very best in selling your items on the StrapUI.

Version 1.0.0 - Effective date: July 10, 2017.