Swift Dashboard is a lightweight and feature rich admin template with three different layout for dashboard and two diffrent theme color that is clean to use. An easy layout, with a clean essence, constructed for range and powered via a unique set of three differnt layout of dahboard , constructed for instant, simple, stylish and intuitive browsing that allows to speed-up your development.

We code the brand new web widespread, the use of the energy of React, NextJs, Redux, Redux Form and Bootstrap4 developing exceptional, custom coded items, with most effective markup in the marketplace. Complete modularized React structure, getting you extra toward integrate with a backend. Highly recommended for small scale projects as it is easily manageable.

Swift Dahboard

General Syntax of React NextJs Component

import * as React from "react";
class Stats extends React.Component {
  render() {
      const iconName = `/static/images/icon${this.props.icon}.png `;
      const iconName2 = `/static/images/icon${this.props.icon}.svg `;
      const statsbg= `${this.props.statsbg}`;
      return (
        <div className={statsbg}>
          <div className='d-flex justify-content-between p-3 align-items-center'>
          <div className="d-flex flex-column">
            <div className='stats-number mb-3'> {this.props.number}</div>
            <p className="mb-0"> {this.props.text}</p>
            <div> </div>
export default Stats;

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